About Lionheart X Vision
My name is Hiroki Inoue. I started Lionheart 11years ago. My job is very diversified, so introduce my work one by one.

Things I have taught in Japan

Origin of heart
When we are in a state of heart-mind, we sympathize with the heart (love-mind) of the universe that is expanding throughout the whole universe. This is an origin of our heart that includes heart mechanisms.

About “Istukushimi” and Heart mind
“Itsukushimi” is a state of love that woman creates.
We are love makers. When we, our thought or mind, are in a state of love, we are
naturally connecting to a source of love. And a wavelength of love in the universe can
be easily accessible to our heart-mind. This is the first category I want to explain

I said earlier Itsukushimi is a state of woman’s love, though this is not unusual in mankind. Man have the existence of woman in themselves, that means they have both elements of man and woman, too. For example, when we hold a baby, we are naturally able to feel something warm that comes out from our inside. I usually explain this is Itsukushimi energy. I’m introducing people to this kind of energy that is Istukushimi in classes and my published books.

Mechanism of Istukushimi
This energy has very useful and specific mechanisms. When our mind is unstable and emotionally down, by technically using the energy of Istukushimi, we can get away from a state of unbalance, and technically speaking, solve the emotional phenomenon you have. Because the energy of Istukushimi has an effect and function that dissolves an emotion and adjusts things that are in a state of unbalance, such as relationships between people, and so forth.

Keeping proper intention
A meaning of intention I want to explain here includes having kinds of emotion and a thinking state, but the point I want to focus on is an importance of proper intention. Intention increases things, for example depression associated with sadness and increases sadness itself, and therefore we emotionally feel down more deeply. Otherwise, by keeping our intention on our heart or in other words a state of heart-mind, we are filled with plenty energy of heart(mind).
I would like to explain and expand the importance of heart all over the world. Heart (When our mind is in a state of love, heart, the energy of heart permeates throughout our physical and psychological field), will be able to be useful and effective in many areas(fields), sports, family, for creativity and so on.

I'm teaching those things in Japan.
Stable minds of our heart bears effective result in numerous activities. Because if we keep our mind connected to our heart, we are able to get proper intuitions, besides that energy held within our heart works effectively and substantially towards things in lives.

Breathing technic
I teach heart breathing technics, using several kinds of intention on our heart- consciousness. Using intention on our heart mechanisms can create plenty of effective energy. This was mentioned previously when I talked briefly. However, there are also other kinds of methods to use intention to harness energy besides Itsukushimi, for example “elementary particle” or “energetic medicine”(those are originally created by Lionheart X Vision).

These kinds of things mentioned above are a first step that I’m teaching in Japan. And once after learning the heart’s mechanism and the effectiveness of Istukushimi, people can learn more specific, and advanced methods and technics. There are many kinds of energy that I want to teach you and how to technically use them.

Advanced method
1. Medicine Massage - Using a higher quality of voice sound
These are the usage of voice sound that improves our mind because of being at higher wavelengths. Our thinking will be changed, by for example, with words including Istukushimi. We are using this method when we do massage for people. For example, if we do-massage by keeping our consciousness on our heart, we often get many important messages, in such a situation, I can hear messages through a client’s body. And we tell those messages with higher qualities of wavelength. Clients can more easily accept messages and as a result the body’s pain will disappear, in addition, they can get more effective results from work, playing sports or music and in
daily life.

Please contact me
Please send me a mail, if you would like to know the detail of our study or take lessons in your hometown. (In such cases, all separate fees of travel, accommodation and stay would need to be paid)

Mail : info@lionheart.in


(for your life, business, and some kind of other personal issues)
My counseling is very unique. One of my main jobs is getting messages from intangible spirits, for example guide spirits, the higher existence of yourself (this is yourself too), or spirits in a higher dimension. Besides this, I can provide you with messages and advice. This is the main method of my counseling style. From this point, I can lead you the way in order to allow you to reach your destination faster and more clearly. If you feel that you might need help, please contact me.

15000yen 60 minutes
30000yen 120 minues

Counseling Location
l live in Kawagoe city, Saitama Prefecture which is within easy commuting distance from Tokyo's Ikebukuro Station. I would be very glad to welcome you visit me in Kawagoe, but if this is not possible, I can meet you in Tokyo or elsewhere. (In such cases, travel fees would be extra starting at 3000yen around the Ikebukuro area.)

Medicine massage
(Supporting your life)
I practice a form of massage which does not only concern massage, but accept more important messages from your body and give you the messages. I constantly tell you many messages while I practice this massage, as a result body pain will be released. Because pain is a message that make you recognize the cause. By giving you messages, you are conscious of the reason that pain come out from your body. That's the mechanism whereby pain from your body is released. For example, if we have something we need to change occasionally thinking about it, causes pain to emerge from your body. However if you understand a message that a pain is teaching you, the pain will dissapear. This method is my original style and causes things that you are deeply concernd about to be seen more clearly. As a result, you will be made to feel renewed and more relaxed. (Here Medicine means words I give you.)  Our body knows everything. Consquently, it's impotant to hear messages from your body. By doing so, you may have some oppotunities to solve problems that you might not otherwise consider.

16000yen 60minutes
8000yen 30minutes

Location for Medicinemassage
Currently, only in Kawagoe.
(However special cases might be considered to do this elsewhere)

Near station : Kawagoeshi (TobuTojo-line)
       Honkawagoe (SeibuShinjuku-line)

Please let me know in advance, and I can come meet you and pick you up.

Message from your guide spirits
I will give you messages that I get from your guide spirits and send them by email. Everyone is accompanied by guide spirits (they are numerous in number) who lead and guide you. For example, words resonating with you inside are sent from your guide spirits. In a way, you might already accept those messages (intuition and ideas you have).  I can usually get messages from anyspirits (your guide spirits, your higher-self and sometimes your ancesters or children, baby and so forth).

22,000yen / $220

When you apply, please give me your name and date of birth.

・You can deeply understand things and ways that you have experienced.
・You can feel secure in things or a way that you will experience from now.
・This is a message for three to six months that you will experience.

※Please understand, after you apply, it needs to be paied by "PayPal" in advance. If you don't have a Paypal account, please go to the Paypal website and set up a Paypal acount.

You should be able to immediately use it. Using PayPal system is the prefered means of payment due to overseas circumstances

How to enter into my PayPal account
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Application and contact
Please send me a mail, if you would like to apply for counseling and so forth.

Mail : info@lionheart.in

About Heart

Heart is very simple, but very deep. I and my co-workers teach people the importance of this. Heart is diversity and has very specific means. I'm able to get accurate immediate messages from spirits due to putting my counsciousness in my heart. A number of intuitions are coming through from my heart. I feel this is a correct position for everything and anyone in the world can look at things from the way of the heart. This is how I always want to appraoch and connect with all around me.