About Lionheart X Vision
My name is Hiroki Inoue. I started Lionheart 11years ago. My job is very diversity, so introduce my work one by one.

Japanese counselor lead your way
with an amazing WAKA style

I'm Hiroki Inoue from Japan. It's a first time for me to tell about something all in English on Youtube channel. I send messages in Japanese WAKA style. This is a very traditional way of expressing your feeling with limited letters. Waka includes a lot of meaning behind sentences. Please enjoy^^

(for your life, business,some kind of troubles)
My counseling is very unique. One of main jobs is getting messages from intangible spirits, for example guide spirits, yourself of higher existence(this is yourself too), or spirits in a higher dimension. Besides that, I give you messages and advices. That is my counseling style. I lead you the way that you can reach your destination faster and more clearly. If you need, please contact me.

15000yen 60 minites
30000yen 120 minites

Place for counseling
l live in Kawagoe city in Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo. So I want you to come here, but if it's difficult for you, I can meet you at Ikebukuro in Tokyo. (In this case, needs the payment of business trip costs. Plus 3000yen)

Medicine massage
(for your life support / When you are on buisiness trip and tierd, magical support)
I do kind of massage and accept more important messages from your body. You can understand the meanings of messages
and release pain on your body. Because pain of the body teach us a way of solving any problems that we have. If you understand, pain is released. This method is my original style and make deep concernd things about you more crealy, so you will be very comfortable after Medicine massage. Here Medicine means words I give you. Our body knows everythins. So please hear messages from your body. You can get some oppotunities to solve your problems that you might not look at.

15000yen 60minites
8000yen 30minites

Place for Medicinemassage
Massage is only at kawagoe.

If you come to Kawagoeshi station(Tobutojoline from Ikebukuro),
I can pick you up there.

Please contact me
Telephone: 080-1081-1812
Mail: info@lionheart.in

About Heart

Heart is very simple, but very deep. I and my co-workers teach people the importance. Heart is diversity and has very specific means. The reason I can get right imediate messages from spirits is I put my counsciousness on my heart. A number of intuitions are coming from through my heart. I feel this is a right position for everything and anybody on earth can look at a way of heart.That is all what I spent more time.