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We face many problems in our daily lives.
Sometimes we feel embarrassed and ashamed
when we think about different things in our lives,
which make us depressed for a long time.

This became a kind of “cloud” just like which covers the sun.
However, within our inside, there is “heart”
which is shining, having heat like the sun, and love itself.

Now, by using this principle which is originally innate in humans,
for yourselves, and for somebody who you love,
as a result, you can work out your destiny.

We, Lionheart X Vision, teach each person from various angles, including different kinds of classes, therapist courses, individual and cooperate counseling.

“All answers are always inside us.”

We hope that a renewed existence of yourself will become your friend more than
any other things, and sincerely lead you to your home.

Things I have taught in Japan

Origin of heart
When we are in a state of heart-mind, we sympathize with the heart (love-mind) of the universe that is expanding throughout the whole universe. This is an origin of our heart that includes heart mechanisms.